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What is is a social news content mirror. When a story is made popular on one of the monitored social news sites, the bot immediately attempts to make a copy of the site. If the site is brought down by the increased traffic, a copy of the content is still available.

What sites are mirrored?

Currently popular stories on Digg and Reddit are mirrored. We're considering the addition of other sites in the future. Feel free to suggest a future addition using our feedback widget to the left!

How do I use

You can get to our cached copy from the home page. If a user submits a comment with a link to, users following that link will be automatically redirected to our cached copy.

One of our users has also created a Greasemonkey script to add a link to each story on the Digg front page. Check it out!

Why is the link in a story's comments not redirecting to the cached copy?

If you aren't being redirected to our cached copy, your browser isn't sending us a referrer. If you are using Safari, do not open the link to in a new tab, Safari will not send us a referrer. Instead, just click on the link and let it open in a new window. For other browsers, make sure that referrers are enabled.

Why isn't a story showing up?

If the story was made popular within the last minute or two, our bot is probably still downloading all of the content. If it's been longer than that, it means the bot was unable to make a copy of the site. This could be because the webmaster restricts our bot using a robots.txt file or that the site was down when we attempted to make a copy.

Why is the formatting screwed up on a cached page?

We try our best to mirror everything on a site, this includes images and style sheets, however, sometimes it just doesn't work out. If you believe it's being caused by a bug in our bot, drop us a line at

Why don't you cache some of the other pages on the site?

If our bot detects a multi-page site, it will attempt the grab the other pages. This is a new feature, so it's not perfect.

Hey! What about copyright?

We are compliant with Title 17 U.S. Code § 512(b).

Note: If a website that was mirrored by our system infringed on your copyright and the original website has been taken down, or a court has ordered that the material be removed from the infringing website, please contact us at and we'll remove our copy of the infringing website.

How do I block your bot from copying my site?

Our bot supports robots.txt exclusion. Here's an example robots.txt file that will prevent our bot from making a copy of your site:

User-agent: rorrimBot
Disallow: /

If your site has already been copied by the bot, please add the robots.txt exclusion to your site and send an e-mail containing a link of the mirrored copy to Although we'll try to respond as quickly as possible, please allow up to 48 hours for a response.

Why do you run

We use Digg and Reddit too and hate having to find a mirrored copy.

What powers

We've built a custom Python module to cache content which we've decided to make open-source (see next question).

Can I have the source code?

Of course!

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